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Why not come and experience stronger healthier hair?


Meet the secret to unlocking the hair you’ve always wanted. INNOluxe means you can be as bold as you want with your style, confident that it’s outrageously healthy.

Our innovative protein technology doesn’t just protect your hair during the colouring process, it repairs it and restores its strength. We build integrity within the hair’s structure, leaving it feeling thick, lustrous and healthy.

You’ll be selfie-ready before you know it.


“INNOluxe repairs and rebuilds as we colour, giving us the freedom to create the looks our clients want… The hair feels stronger, thicker, sexier and smoother. It’s pretty awesome!”

Sophia Hilton, INNOluxe Ambassador

INNOluxe uses amazingly advanced protein technology to create superstrong sulphur bonds, repairing and rebuilding your hair and leaving it soft, strong, healthy and shiny.

When you straighten, perm or relax hair, this bond is broken and then reformed with the hair pulled into a new shape. That weakens and damages hair. The bond can also be damaged by aggressive colouring, like bleaching and high-lift tint. In fact, any colour that works with a developer will challenge the structure of hair.

And like any of us, when hair’s a bit delicate, it’s vulnerable. There are lots of other factors that can weaken or break up those important bonds. Things like drying, ironing, or even the sun.

Until recently there weren’t many options for dealing with weak, dry, damaged hair. You had to put up with it or cut it off. More recently the world of haircare has developed ways to protect and start repairing hair, and that’s great news for slaves-to-style worldwide.

INNOluxe goes further than any of those other developments. We’re a British company working with a team of scientists in Brazil, and together we’ve developed ground-breaking protein technology that protects, rebuilds and repairs each hair. INNOluxe uses many different levels of exceptionally low weight proteins to reinforce the sulphur bonds, leaving hair stronger and healthier than before. On top of all that, in V2 we have added Cystine, an amino acid that delivers complete di-sulphide bonds direct into the hair, giving it unseen before strength and flexibility.


INNOluxe can be done as a stand alone treatment with a blowdry or added into any colouring service. You can also purchase from us the Elixir V2 to take home.

Elixir V2, our amazing, highly concentrated leave-in conditioner, uses multiple levels of flexible proteins to reinforce the hair’s strength, boost flexibility and enhance shine. Using Elixir V2 as the final stage in-salon and at home between treatments, the effects of INNOluxe will last longer and hair will enjoy more resistance to physical and environmental stresses. In fact, with Elixir V2’s new heat-active proteins, the hair actually strengthens as it’s dried. Impressive, right?


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